Our new favorite veterinary clinic...the staff - office manager Marta and vet tech Meagan, are quick to smile, answer questions whenever possible and help us through our appointments. Our dog Jett gets quite nervous upon arrival..."oh no, not this place again!"... These ladies are kind and considerate of her behavior.

Then there's the Grumpy Vet, Dr. Craig. He is the complete opposite of grumpy...patient, compassionate, thorough...easy to talk to. He always greets Jett with kindness, never in a rush. We truly appreciate the updated and professional attitude of the clinic. We have complete confidence in the staff and their treatment of our sweetie, Jett. Thank you :-)

Here's to a long relationship.

- Judith Fesenmaier

Dr. Jackie, Dr. Craig, and their teams at Lake Minnetonka Pet Wellness Center and Westonka Animal Hospital have been taking care of Cookie since we moved to Mound in 2013. They focus on and advocate for the patient, above all else. We would not trust our puggle, Cookie, with anyone else.

- Terese A. West

Our pets have been seeing Drs Craig and Jackie for 20 years and I'm always recommending you. I just wanted to say thank you and pass on the wonderful feedback my coworker gave your clinic. My coworker and a new to Mound area had been going to her vet in Anoka however her cat suddenly became very ill. She rushed Logie to the Navarre location (on her own not as advice from me). Dr. Collins spent a good time with him before deciding he needed emergency care in Eden Prairie. Tricia raced her kitty there. The kindness of your staff (calling her to check on Logie) and the compassion and kindness you all showed her after it was decided that he needed to be put down was appreciated in such a difficult time. Being able to spend those last minutes with her beloved pet meant the world to her. From the minute she walked in the door she felt understood, her Logie was treated with dignity and kindness. the follow up phone call to check in and then the condolence card a week later. All signs of a wonderful caring staff. She will be bringing the rest of her furbabies to you from now on. Thank you for being such a great part of our community.

- Holly Johnson

Drs Jackie and Craig have been our go-to vets for the last 10 years. They are always accommodating, making room at their offices for our varied emergencies and negating a need to rush to an emergency vet when their office is open.

I have sighthounds, which aside from having unique veterinary needs, also are prone to cuts because of thin skin and soft tissue injuries from their athleticism.

Craig and Jackie both get right down on the floor with my dogs. Craig very patiently and thoroughly explains every aspect of their condition and needs. Jackie is top notch with sports injuries. They keep up with the latest research and treatments.

I am not only a dog mom, but I foster for two different rescues. I have had a parade of dogs, of varied breeds, through my home, and thus through their practice over the years.

I wouldn't take my animals anywhere else. And I love this new location, closer to my house for the wellness and small issues visits.

- Kai Baird

Dr. Jackie and Dr. Craig, along with all of their staff are absolutely the BEST! They make sure we as humans understand everything they are doing for our dogs all the time from teeth cleaning to various tests needed. They have been our VETS for almost 10 years and I strongly recommend them to everyone!

- NRT NRT ​​​​​

Wonderful, thoughtful, and timely service!!
They picked up my mom’s cat, gave her an exam and called me promptly with the diagnosis. They even stopped at another vet clinic to get pain medication on the way to deliver her back home. Very impressive!

- Dane Doescher

Today, I got to bring a very important member of my family home after spending 7 nights with the AMAZING team at Westonka Animal Hospital and Lake Minnetonka Pet Wellness Center. When I took Winnie, our cat, in last Monday night, things did not look good for him, and I forced myself to accept the fact that he may not be coming home to me. Dr. Jackie is one of the most amazing vets that I have worked with! She was so persistent with her care, they called me at least twice a day with updates, and just never gave up. This is a team of compassionate doctors and a team that I can honestly say is just as compassionate. Dr. Jackie, thank you for not giving up on Winnie! My family and I are so greatly appreciative of you and your entire staff!

- Sandy Solberg ​​​​​​

Neither of our cats has great people skills (a barn type, Felix and a princess cat, Kiko - both rescues )so it was great that they had such a good and calming experience with Dr. Andy at both Westonka Vet (on Commerce) and the additional location called Lake Minnetonka Wellness Center (on Shoreline Drive). Dr. Andy Collins works at both locations has helped us greatly with our little Kiko who has chronic digestion problems - serious problems. He has her on a medicine (and we monitor her eating) that is keeping her quality of life very normal. Felix got his "well baby" check and he passed. Most important to us was that they were very comfortable in the clinic setting and seemed un-alarmed about their exams and shots. Dr Andy was great with our cats.

- Ann Jepson

I've had 2 cats & a dog as patients @ Lake Minnetonka Vet. Everyone who works there is kind, helpful, knowledgeable, caring & has done a fantastic job with education, clear descriptions, explanations & with timely communications during & after the appt. Getting an appt has been easy & accommodating!

Wonderful wonderful wonderful!

- M Lc

This used to be Lake Minnetonka Animal Hospital. There are new vets now and they renamed it Lake Minnetonka Animal Wellness Center. It is right next to Dairy Queen on 15. We have had a good experience so far. The vet and technicians seemed to truly care about our dog.

- Jenna Guggisberg

Under new ownership about mid-Feb. New owners have been in business this area long time and they were very good to me.

- Jack Miller

The Vets, Nurses and Staff here are incredible. They take such good care of our dogs as if they were their own. When one of our dogs had to have surgery LMAH were extremely helpful and supportive before during and for weeks after the surgery. Highly recommend.

- Brian Tursi

The staff is very very kind and they get right to the point with what needs to be done. The are very sweet to the animals and it was an overall great experience there. Highly recommended clinic!

- Tim Zieroth TwinsguyTJZ

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